-- Smart Queue

Smart Messages Queue Service

Next Up on the list is API Documentation... Something will be here soon!!

Documentation is comming soon!

For now you can login at

To Signup for a Free Beta Account email:

Features Included:

  • Create Applications
  • Applications to created Topics
  • JSON schema Validation on Topics
  • Topic/JSON schema Versioning
  • Stats Dashboard
  • Pub/Sub with Message Order

Looking for Help in:

Currently we are looking for someone to redo our landing page. Basic Landing page with graphics. Use simple information on this page. For any questions email:

2018 Donations

We would like your support to open source this project next year. First needs a good platform for testing and benchmarking. With your support we can add in the ability to auto scale to X number of machines. Before this can be done funding is required.

Thank You and Please spread the word of the project!